Melanie Gaubert

web developper - designer

When I'm not working…

Most of the time I like to be at home, drinking good tea and playing video games. (some immersive games like Abzu, Unravel, but above all : survivals like Subnautica, The Forest, Stranded deep, The long dark…)

Otherwise more widely I also like : Watching good movies (just to name a few movies I love, My Neighbor Totoro, fantastic planet, Lolita), do some embroidery or sewing, cooking (and eating, especially), keeping animals (don't hesitate to contact me if you want to keep yours in exchange for edible gifts), reading sociology books (or novels), going to museums (to make myself look cultured), learning new languages (literary Arabic at the moment) and meeting people.

When I grow up I would like to…

Travelling, all over the world. Go to Australia and pass my PADI to find Nemo (but I won't capture him, I promise). Inventing robots to clean the oceans (yes I know, there are already some), taking advantage of it to study the aquatic biomes.