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I'm a French artist born in Paris and living in Paris (and Marseille until january). As multi-potential person, I have always lived by learning new disciplines. I define myself through two passions: Interactive innovation and cinema.

As a creative coder (trained at Gobelins école de l'image), I work for creativity. I love making small 2D or 3D video games, digital installations and interactive spaces, artistic creations on the web, short movies or any other print and paint work. You can visit my projects page to discover my complete universe. I'm also working on making multidisciplinary interaction products more useful, accessible to people with disabilities, inclusive and enjoyable for everyone. I'd like to give courses, create workshops and conferences about my work, the technologies I use or my background as a woman programmer.

I devoted my Master's thesis to the subject of the place of women and minorities in the highly masculine programming world. While the issues highlighted in this thesis are not unique to the programming world, my choice to restrict myself is a question of legitimacy. I studied programming at school for 8 years. I invite you to read it here.

My world in a few words…

I like to create and work on new projects. In my spare time I like to be at home, drinking good lemonade (or beer), playing or streaming my favorite games. I love to watch new movies and use them as inspiration to create short films.