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How to
reconnect with nature?

The installation creates a sound and visual atmosphere capable of awakening emotions in the user. Introduce the youngest to the characteristic sounds of nature and create a soothing installation.

The makey-makey is a board to which all kinds of conductive objects can be linked to obtain on-screen interaction (launch of a sound, an image, etc.).

The installation is a reproduction of a tangible mini-nature. Users can interact with this nature and control the scene projected in front of them. Add elements to the scene by touching the objects you want to appear. Change the weather or brightness. The scene is not only visual, but also aural. Different characteristic sounds will be associated with the added objects, such as birdsong or rustling leaves.

In the first video test above, the user adds different objects to a scene.

I really attached great importance to the reproduction of this nature, I wanted it to be faithful, and the only way was to express a nature that I had tasted, that I had immersed myself in. I took up the landscapes of my childhood, those I know in France, but nevertheless varied landscapes: the verdant countryside, colorful Provence, the seaside, or the lush forest. In the end, I also integrated a human, cottage atmosphere, because sometimes certain interiors also soothe us.

Nature isn't static; on the contrary, it's so alive, and the same landscape can have so many colors and emotions. For each painting, which represents a living landscape, I wanted to reproduce the evolution of light, from the sun at its zenith to the midnight moon, passing through all the nuances of the meteors: twilight, dawn, dawn. But also, to tell the story of the seasons, the weather: rain, snow, sun, cold, heat.